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Security cameras are of different types. One of them is closed circuit television, popularly known as CCTV. CCTV cameras are no exception. They have become a common feature in many shopping premises, corporate buildings, malls, multiplexes, and other important buildings. Interestingly, they have also been used to monitor processes like nuclear fuel and industrial manufacturing.
Most of the airports, bus depots and other public transport facilities have CCTV installed so that in case of any untoward event, the identification process can become easier. With changing times, many people have devised new technologies to nullify the effect and functionality of CCTVs but efforts are on to further enhance this wonderful security tool.
Recent times have witnessed a great improvement in the functioning of CCTV camera. They are not just cameras providing real-time feeds but they have also gone digital. Shutter speeds have increased tremendously. Pixel resolution is impressive and memory capacity has enhanced greatly.
Now a day, CCTV cameras take photographs on a continuous basis as well as when alerted by a motion detector. Set up has become very easy and that has further increased its popularity. An additional feature of storing images on computers from CCTV cameras has made these cameras even more appealing. CCTV cameras are available in low as well as the high-end segment. One can opt for his preferred CCTV cameras based on his requirements.

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