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Cloud computing solutions


XiTech Cloud is the all-in-one cloud platform that delivers high-performance, secure, reliable and scalable cloud solutions for all workloads—from mission-critical business applications to dev/test.
Our experts will help determine if your business is ready to transition to the cloud. We will analyze the current state of the market so that you can identify which applications should be kept and which should be replaced.

Cloud Integration and customization

Our experts will help to create personalized, differentiated customer experiences, understand customers in context and meet their evolving needs. Recognize and react to market shifts as they happen and get a holistic view of your organization and the people.

Cloud Migration

Our team of IT experts can seamlessly migrate your data and other business elements to the cloud. Our primary goal is to keep your data secure throughout the migration process.

Cloud Deployment

Depending on your business concept, we will deploy a cloud (public, private, or hybrid) to fit your needs.

Managed Services

With just a few clicks, launch powerful, self-service managed services provisioned together with cloud pay-as-you-go consumption so you can focus on your most strategic initiatives. Our expert managed services team monitors and maintains applications 24×7. Whether you’re looking to offload a few virtual machines, create new applications, or migrate legacy workloads, Aspire Cloud infrastructure and advanced management tools offer you an enterprise-ready path to the cloud. Built on VMware vSphere 5 technology,
Xitech Cloud delivers:
  • Enterprise-Level Security: Your data is protected by our “defense in depth” security model—satisfying the most rigorous enterprise security standards without costly add-ons.
  • High Performance: Our cloud architecture is optimized across the stack for high performance—from premium hardware to custom performance enhancing technologies.

Cloud Services

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